Director: Christian Schwochow

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    The versatile Carla Juri (so great in past MFF selections Wetlands and Morris from America) portrays Paula Becker, a provincial German woman who bucked societal trends in the early 1900s to pursue a career in art, embracing her wild emotions while crafting works that would later come to be recognized as exemplars of the Expressionist movement. An empowering period piece espousing feminist ideals in an era that was inhospitable to outspoken women, Paula is a long-overdue tribute to an artist well ahead of her time.

    Director Christian Schwochow

    Cast Joel Basman, Roxane Duran, Carla Juri, Albrecht Schuch, Nicki von Tempelhoff, Stanley Weber

    Producer Christoph Friedel, Ingelore König, Claudia Steffen

    Screenwriter Stefan Kolditz, Stephan Suschke

    Cinematographer Frank Lamm

    Editor Jens Klüber

    Sponsored By

    Neroli Salon & Spa

    Community Partners

    Portrait Society Gallery, Racine Art Museum, Milwaukee Turners/Turner Hall

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