Life of the Party

Director: Rubin Whitmore II

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  • Sunday October 1
    Times Cinema 3:15 pm

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  • Sunday October 8
    Fox Bay Cinema Grill 7:30 pm

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A wedding reception in a West Allis bowling alley, populated by a motley assortment of friends, co-workers, and family, have congregated to celebrate the union of David and Tyesha. With each passing minute this melting pot of Americana (different cultures and identities abound) threatens to boil over as the attendees anxiously await the arrival of the bride and groom. An ensemble piece that's alternately comic and dramatic, Life of the Party (from Milwaukee's own Rubin Whitmore II) is a wedding you have to see to believe.

Director Rubin Whitmore II

Producer Stephanie Comer, Rob Phillips, Rubin Whitmore II

Screenwriter Sergio Espino, Rubin Whitmore II

Cinematographer Spencer Ortega, Derek Schmitt

Editor Baylee McDonough

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