Even though we’re virtual, films can still sell out! Film distributors may put restrictions on how many people can stream their film. Keep an eye on this page to plan your viewing and see which titles might be selling out soon.

Couple of pro tips: If you have a title you don’t want to miss, your best bet is to watch it early in the Festival. Even if tickets sell out to a film, passholders may still have access for a limited time. GET A PASS ≫


Single tickets no longer available, passholders still have viewing access


The Capote Tapes

The Donut King (Please note: this title will be joining Sofa Cinema starting Friday!)

We Don't Deserve Dogs


Down a Dark Stairwell - Wisconsin only; only available through 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 18

Stop Making Sense - Available Oct. 24 only


Alice Júnior - Wisconsin only

Billie - Wisconsin only

Dramarama - Wisconsin and Illinois only

Farewell Amor - Wisconsin only

Jumbo - Wisconsin only

Kuessipan - Wisconsin only

Never Too Late: The Doc Severinsen Story - Wisconsin only

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life - Wisconsin only

The Capote Tapes - Wisconsin only

The Donut King - Wisconsin only