2017 Milwaukee Film Festival

Sept. 28 - Oct. 12

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Everybody Knows…Elizabeth Murray

Director: Kristi Zea

Film Summary

Art + Artists | 1:13 | 2016 | Italy/USA | | View Website

Elizabeth Murray was a true vanguard in the art world: a single mother who refused to sacrifice family for her thriving career, a creator whose colorful, playful paintings detonated the space between high and low art, becoming a pop art luminary and one of the few female artists given a career retrospective at the MoMA. Murray never stopped creating, even as she battled cancer, and as the verite footage, interviews with art world luminaries, and journal entries narrated by Meryl Streep all attest to, we're richer for it.

Director Kristi Zea
Cast Meryl Streep
Executive Producer Jackie Ochs
Producer Caroline Goodman-Thomases, Madeline Warren
Screenwriter Kristi Zea
Cinematographer Bob Holman, Anthony Janelli, John Murphy, Rich White
Editor Jen Fineran, Jenny McCormack
Short films part of this program: The John Show.

Community Partners

The Alice Wilds, Janelle Gramling Studio, Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts