The Last Lordship

Milwaukee Film Festival

Far away from the motherland, the few remaining knights of a crumbling empire struggle to uphold the core values of their once prosperous kingdom: friendship, art and humor. Longer Synopsis: The Last Lordship gives unprecedented access to one of the castles of a kingdom founded in 1856 which has quickly spread throughout the world and is said to exist in a parallel universe to our own. Every knight, upon entering their castle, leaves their “profane” name behind and assumes a fantastical designation given to him by the kingdom. Inside the castle there can be no talk of business, politics or any other mention of the outside world so that the core tenets of art, friendship and humor can be practiced. Throughout the film it is revealed, however, that the kingdom is crumbling as the knights are getting older and much fewer people are interested in joining their ranks to defend friendship, art and humor in an increasingly inharmonious United States of America. The castle is on the brink of extinction but is determined to continue being the threshold to a parallel universe, in which tolerance is promoted and egos deflated, for as long as it can stand.

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