First Love (Hatsukoi)

1 Hr. 56 Min.

Screening format: DCP
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A boxer with a brain tumor and a call girl who sees ghosts fall in love one night in Tokyo and then fall headfirst into a drug-smuggling adventure in this action-packed wild ride through the crime-ridden nighttime. Creative and colorful, this film is overflowing with splashy visuals and outrageous scenarios. Takashi Miike is the quintessential auteur of late-night international film, and First Love is him at his anarchic, over-the-top best.


"First Love might start as a hard-boiled piece of pulp fiction, but it isn't long before it softens into a violent, hilarious, and violently hilarious madcap comedy..."
- indieWire
"The Tarantino-style rollercoaster ride is as effortlessly enjoyable as ever, accentuating the director's lighter comic leanings over his bloodthirsty side."
- Hollywood Reporter
"Gonzo. If you're new to the films of Miike, you'll never forget your First Love."
- Movie Nation



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