Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am

2 Hr. 0 Min.

Screening format: DCP
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The world lost one of the greatest writers of our time when Toni Morrison died this year. This doc, filmed before her death, is an ode to her groundbreaking work as a multi-award-winning writer and her life story from childhood through the civil rights movement and beyond, offering an intimate look at race and humanity in America. Both a meditation on African-American art and Morrison’s story in her own words, this film reminds us that the strength of her spirit remains.


"The tone is generally celebratory and, given Morrison's extraordinary impact on American letters, deservedly so."
- Chicago Reader
"[I]n "Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am," Timothy Greenfield-Sanders' outstanding documentary, [Morrison] tells stories, right to the camera, about herself and her life and her work, and it's magical."
- Arizona Republic
"Fans of Morrison's work will fall even more in love with her here, where her warm demeanor is on full display."
- Bust Magazine


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