The Twentieth Century - Best of Fest


Turn-of-the-century Canadian history might not sound like your typical Hooligante fare, but Mackenzie King's quest to become prime minister of Canada is hands-down one of the wildest films of the year. Imagine a film with the hyperstylization of Guy Maddin, the hilarious subversion of John Waters, and the whimsy of "Pee-Wee's Playhouse." But you don't have to imagine because you can watch The Twentieth Century.


"Even without prior knowledge of our neighbor to the north, it can be enjoyed for its combination of supreme creativity, jaw-dropping audacity and amusing tongue-in-cheek dialogue."
- Variety
"We should hope all biopics are like this one: absurd, more than a little deranged, turning people's insides to the outside (metaphorically), examining the essence of this point in Canadian time, and playing with cinematic norms to great effect."
- ScreenAnarchy
"Take those Canadian history books, pile them up with maple-tree bark and set them ablaze."
- Toronto Star



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