You Don't Nomi

1 Hr. 32 Min.

Screening format: DCP
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NOTE: All tickets purchased for 10/19 You Don't Nomi screening also permit admittance into the 35mm screening of Showgirls immediately following that screening! 


NOTE: 10/19 showing of You Don't Nomi is a premium screening - 6-pack/10-pack/vouchers cannot be redeemed for this screening!


In a paring that makes the phrase "double feature" sound like a double entendre, the infamous cult classic Showgirls is being shown in 35mm, back-to-back with this vivid exploration into the film's legacy. You Don't Nomi is the superhero origin story of how a film that was panned and bombed upon release can, over time, become something like a cultural touchstone. After hearing impassioned defenses from several prominent critics and scholars, you may find yourself among the converted.


"Redresses the balance, while neatly exploring key recurring motifs in Vehoven's work."
- Little White Lies
"You Don't Nomi makes a compelling case that the much-maligned pop-culture landmark can be judged as either tawdry rubbish or subversive comic triumph."
- Hollywood Reporter
"This is the most thoughtful deconstruction of a film imaginable, as well as an ideal festival choice for those who used to buy DVDs just for the commentaries."


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