Well Groomed

1 Hr. 28 Min.

Screening format: DCP
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Producer Justin Levy in attendance for 10/19 screening!

Among many great documentary subgenres are films that spotlight world-class practitioners of bizarre skills, like the excellent Man on Wire or The King of Kong. But trust us, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Welcome to the wacky world of competitive creative dog grooming, where pups of infinite patience are transformed by multicolored dye jobs and fur sculpting. Yet beneath the magenta façade, you’ll be touched by this loving story of our human need for community and artistic expression.


"A straightforward, feel-good documentary about passionate people, their unusual creative hobby and their adorable dogs."
- RogerEbert.com
"...wonderfully pleasant experience, full of unexpected grace and pathos for those who want to learn more about this odd art form."
- Vanyaland
"Well Groomed makes you care deeply about a pastime you've probably never heard of and people you've never met. And that, folks, is what great film is all about."
- Baltimore Magazine

Community Partners: Central Bark Downtown, Mac’s Pet Barkery, Hyde Park


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