We Are The Radical Monarchs

1 Hr. 37 Min.

Screening format: DCP
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Sponsored by: Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin

Director Linda Goldstein Knowlton, producer Katie Flint, and cast member Neveah Kelly in attendance for 10/26 screening! Director and producer also in attendance for 10/27 screening!

Megaphones and merit badges collide in the Radical Monarchs, a troop of young Oakland girls of color who earn badges for social activism, march in protests, and practice radical love. This powerful and inspiring doc from MFF 2011 alum Linda Goldstein Knowlton (Somewhere Between) follows the troop and its leaders as they empower young women of color to take up space, love themselves, and smash the patriarchy.


"Absolutely enchanting...The highlight of We Are the Radical Monarchs is seeing the young girls step into power."
- San Francisco Bay Times
"Goldstein Knowlton takes her time to introduce several of the girls in the Radical Monarchs to the audience, and we become just as invested as Martinez and Hollinquest are in seeing them grow into proud, strong women."
- Remezcla
"We Are the Radical Monarchs is a documentary that expertly outlines the growing pains of a necessary and helpful movement trying to solidify its voice and mission."
- The Gate

Community Partners: COA Youth & Family Centers, Leaders Igniting Transformation, PEARLS for Teen Girls, Inc.


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