The Plagiarists

1 Hr. 16 Min.

Screening Format: DCP
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In a sort of post-mumblecore sendup of indie movies and art films, this extremely lo-fi gem (shot with an old TV camera!) uses what initially appears to be a racial dynamic to ask deeply probing questions about authenticity. It begins with a young white couple suffering a car breakdown, and then receiving help from an elderly Black man. But The Plagiarists delights in zigging when you expect it to zag; it willfully alternates between pretentious, profound, satirical, and then back again.


"The film improves upon reflection, raising, as it does, some knotty questions about originality in art and in life, as well as provocatively positing that even a copy of a copy of a copy has the potential to move hearts and minds." - Hollywood Reporter


"A gleeful cultural curiosity fairly crackles off THE PLAGIARISTS, and it is highly contagious." - Variety


"Its crude imagery and the sharp editing that implicitly contradicts it are deliberate components of a termite-like digging into the permutations of postmodern cultural work." - New York Times




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