The Lodge

1 Hr. 48 Min.

Screening format: DCP

The aunt/nephew duo behind Goodnight Mommy return with this twisty, dread-soaked story of a family forced to reckon with past trauma harkening back to Hereditary. Grace (Mad Max Fury Road's Riley Keough) retreats to a remote winter cabin to spend the holidays with her new boyfriend (Richard Armitage) and his two young children (including IT's Jaeden Martell). When dad is forced to abruptly leave for a work emergency, he leaves behind a chilly relationship in desperate need of thawing. Complicating things is the raging blizzard that traps them indoors as a series of increasingly terrifying events dredge up the specters of Grace's troubled past. A slow-burn descent into paranoid madness, The Lodge mines its isolated setting for all its worth, amping up the tension through its harrowing exploration of unprocessed grief.


"A truly unsettling movie, the kind of horror film that rattles you on an almost subconscious level."
"This film will unsettle you in the moment and leave you thinking about the repercussions of grief, violence, blind faith and manipulation long after the credits roll."
- Little White Lies
"Fiala and Franz know how to draw out the unease through environment, in this case creating a sleepless atmosphere though the low light flowing into their snowbound setting."
- AV Club


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