Temblores (Tremors)

1 Hr. 47 Min.

Screening format: DCP
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Pablo is the perfect husband, father, and member of the Guatemalan Evangelical community he belongs to—until, that is, he leaves his wife for a man, Francisco. As Pablo struggles to find his footing in Guatemala City’s gay community, his Christian family fights to force Pablo to be the man they want. Director Jayro Bustamente creates a deeply personal, heartfelt, and human story of the struggles of staying true to oneself while caught between opposing worlds.


"A prodigiously gut-wrenching demand for change; the film isn't kindly asking for tolerance but bluntly exposing the torment inflicted in the name of a prejudiced God."
- TheWrap
"There are any number of movies about gay men trying to liberate themselves from the long shadow of heteronormative oppression...but few have been told with the extraordinary nuance or compassion of Jayro Bustamante's Tremors."
- indieWire
"Bustamante offers a thoughtful, emotionally-charged exploration of a devoutly religious family man torn apart by the revelation of his love for another man."
- Screen International

Community Partners: Amilinda, Todo Postres, Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers


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