Sorry We Missed You

1 Hr. 40 Min.

Screening format: DCP
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A British man in financial hardship sets up a new gig as a delivery driver, but he and his caregiver wife still struggle to make things work. That seemingly simple plot comes to life in the hands of two-time Palme d’Or winner—and MFF alum— Ken Loach (I, Daniel Blake). Loach makes powerful dramas about the struggling working class, but they’re never about triumphing over cookie-cutter plots. His characters often fail, but they do so in ways that defiantly emphasize their human dignity.


"As a stripped-down, minutely detailed portrait of the daily grind as back-breaking Sisyphean ordeal, Sorry We Missed You is engrossing and bluntly persuasive."
- Los Angeles Times
"Sorry We Missed You is, simply, one of [Ken Loach's] best films that links the personal and the political."
- The Film Stage
"The film's tragedy is that no amount of love and goodwill can save us when the cards are so horribly stacked against us."
- Time Out


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