Decade of Fire

1 Hr. 16 Min.

Screening Format: DCP
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Director Gretchen Hildebran in attendance for 10/23 & 10/24 screenings! Director Vivian Vazquez in attendance for 10/24 screening!

In the 1970s the Bronx was on fire. Black and Puerto Rican residents were blamed for the destruction of their neighborhoods. This documentary highlights the struggle of residents—abandoned by city government—to save their communities. Through archival footage and a personal lens, Bronx-born co-director Vivian Vázquez Irizarry shares this pertinent story of gentrification, redlining, and racism.


"Though many popular explanations for the Bronx's 1970s suffering were long ago understood to be racist nonsense, the heartfelt film represents a self-portrait of those lies' impact." - Hollywood Reporter



Community Partners: Marquette University Center for Urban Research, Teaching & Outreach, Marquette University Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, blk+brwn+brujx


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