So you want to use Eventival...


1. Click the "SUBMIT WITH EVENTIVAL" button on our Call For Entries page, then select the "CONTINUE WITH EVENTIVAL ACCOUNT" button to begin the process!
2. Select the "CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT" option, or choose to connect Eventival to your Facebook or Google accounts. (For people who choose the FB/Google option, skip to step 6.) 


3. You will then be prompted to provide an email for login. Open the email and click the "VERIFY EMAIL" link inside.

4. Click the "I AGREE" checkmark to Eventival's privacy policy.

5.Then select "YES" to grant Eventival authentication access.

6. Enter personal information to fill out your profile, please note than the field below personal information, labeled "CONTACT INFORMATION" has required fields that must be filled in before continuing on.

7. Congrats! You are now in position to submit your work. Select from the options on the left of the Eventival page, either "SUBMIT YOUR FEATURE OR SHORT FILM TO THE 2021 MILWAUKEE FILM FESTIVAL" or "SUBMIT YOUR SHORT FILM TO THE MILWAUKEE YOUTH SHOW"!
8. Once you select your option, click "SUBMIT A NEW FILM" to begin the process!