The Cultures & Communities Initiative

Cultures and Communities (C&C) is a Milwaukee Film initiative committed to producing unique film programs and events for public audiences and corporate partners. Focused squarely on diverse cultural perspectives, C&C programming prioritizes the lived experience of historically underrepresented communities through film, conversation, and auxiliary presentations. 

Are You Ready to Engage and Activate (EA) Your Workplace?

The affective power of film allows us to confront stigmas and remove barriers to understanding, as it provides insight into the shared human condition. Using the cinematic experience to engage your workforce, we can activate learning opportunities that help you build a more empathetic and equitable workplace environment.

What is EA?

The EA program is a film-based vicarious learning model that matches our cultural programming experts with your team to select a film and discussion event that fits your existing DEI efforts. Characterized by active listening and reflective thinking, our vicarious learning methodology facilitates personal discovery through the lived experiences of film subjects. Vicarious learning activities are intrinsically social and require participants to engage intellectually, creatively, and emotionally together, making the learning task more authentic. 

How EA Works

Create a customized Film-based DEI training (in-person or virtual) to meet the bandwidth of your organization in three easy steps:


Choose the specific internal groups you want to engage and meet with our C&C director of strategic partnerships, Maureen Post. Maureen will help assess your needs, provide options, and design a plan of action.


After you’ve chosen your EA package, you will talk through film topics and discussion format with an assigned C&C facilitator. Your facilitator will use this information to research and provide a list of films for you to review.


Once you’ve selected your film and scheduled your discussion event, your facilitator will provide access for you to begin watching your film(s). Following the film screening, your facilitator will lead your team through the group discussion event.

Session participants are encouraged to reflect and share expressively as a part of a “learning community.” The support of the learning community allows group members the emotional safety that comes with the communal experience of sharing personal narratives. This approach is accessible for both novice groups just beginning their DEI journey and more advanced teams looking for non-traditional, high-level engagements.


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Contact us to learn more about our film-based methods for strengthening your organization’s strategies to build a more empathetic and equitable workplace.

Contact: Maureen Post
Director of Strategic Partnerships


  • “Our partnership with Milwaukee Film is just that – a true partnership. Engaging in the Cultures & Communities programming has allowed us to humanize the experiences of those around us, bridging gaps between our (often mislead) assumptions and the greater understanding of one’s truth. Simply put, Milwaukee Film has helped us create the conversations that are necessary for compassion, healing, and growth.”
    Shannon Guild, Vice President, Regional D&I Officer, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management