Culture By Design: A Sneaker & Streetwear Summit

Saturday, October 7th

12 PM - 7 PM at the The Baird Center

A celebration of sneaker & streetwear culture, Culture By Design brings together a like-minded community of "sneakerheads" and streetwear aficionados for a multifaceted exhibition featuring prominent national designers, as well as pop-up exhibition spaces, immersive activations, and mixed-media displays curated by local and national brands. 


Sneaker Marketplace

Noon - 7 PM

More Vendors and Exhibitions TBA

Vendor Spotlight

Butter Makes Me Happy

Butter Makes Me Happy has produced art for customers in all 50 states plus shipped to 43 countries & counting! Combining their creative personalities, the dynamic duo has served dozens of high profile clients, businesses, non-profits & over 11,000 incredible customers! Through their passion, love for art & dedication, they have built an enterprise that genuinely makes them happy.

*More Vendors to be announced.

More about them HERE >>

Panels + Conversations

Cultural Entrepreneurship

1 pm │Main Stage, Grand Ballroom A

Join us for a dynamic exploration of culture and entrepreneurship, where industry experts, artists, and Join us for a dynamic exploration of culture and entrepreneurship, where industry experts, artists, and business leaders converge. Discover how cultural values, traditions, and art can drive sustainable businesses and foster social impact. Panelists will bridge the gap between creativity and commerce, promoting cultural preservation and innovation in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Panelist Include:

Tara Carsner, Creative Strategist and Brand Partnerships Architect 

Aubrey Walker III, Executive Creative Director at Obsidianworks

Darren Smith, COO of Tradeblock

Ticara Devone, Host and Content Creator

Sofa Session #1: Featuring Kari Daniels (aka Sneaker Phetish) and hosted by Tiona Denice

2:00 pm │Sneex Exhibition Stage, Grand Ballroom B

Kari Daniels is a Digital Creative specializing in Sneakers, with a thriving community of 75,000 followers across various social platforms. He's the force behind "SneakerPhetish," his YouTube channel exploring the history and inspiration behind sneakers, from past classics to future releases. Kari collaborates with major brands like eBay, Foot Locker, Champs Sports, Rastaclat, Footaction, and The Athletes Foot, bridging the consumer and corporate worlds in the sneaker culture.

Kari Daniels (aka Sneaker Phetish)

Tiona Deniece is a Singer-Songwriter, Content Creator and Sneakerhead (host)

The Creative Economy

2:45 pm │Main Stage, Grand Ballroom A

This inspiring and insightful discussion brings together renowned national creatives, designers, and marketing gurus, all sharing their expertise and experiences in driving innovation. During the panel, you'll gain invaluable insights into how these talented creatives leverage their marketing prowess to connect with audiences worldwide. They'll share real-world examples of their collaborations with major brands, unveiling the secrets behind crafting authentic brand messaging and impactful campaigns.

Panelist Include:

Beija Marie Velez, Model and Multifaceted Creative

Jamiersen GreenHost of SNKRS Live and the Founder of Leader 

Simran Kaleka, Founder of Made for the W

Ticara Devone, Host and Content Creator (moderator)

"Sneakerbox Clyde:" A Conversation with Clyde Edwards of Puma

3:45 pm │Sneex Exhibition Stage, Grand Ballroom B

A trailblazer in sneaker vlogging, Clyde Edwards has transitioned into a formidable corporate executive. His dynamic journey is a tapestry of unique experiences he will passionately share with Kari Daniels while on the couch. Notably, he achieved remarkable success with his groundbreaking Web3 sneaker project, Sneakerbox, which promptly sold out, cementing his prowess at the intersection of sneakers and cutting-edge technology. Join Edwards as he delves into the evolution of the sneaker industry, blending his expertise from the vlogging world with his corporate acumen, all while embracing the exciting potential of the digital frontier.

Clyde Edwards, Director of Marketing, Puma North America

Kari Daniels (Hosted)

Sofa Session #2: Featuring Tiona Denice and hosted by Kari Daniels

4:30 pm │Sneex Exhibition Stage, Grand Ballroom B

A prominent figure in both the music and sneaker worlds, Tiona Denice has left her mark on the hip-hop scene with collaborations alongside Westside Gunn, Griselda, and Boldy James. Her standout work includes the celebrated album "Mask & Glove." Hailing from Buffalo, Denice's passion for sneaker culture has propelled her into the spotlight as the co-host of the Nike SNKRS app show "Heating Up." Leveraging her deep connection to classic footwear, she's seamlessly integrated with top-tier brands such as Toyota, eBay, and Foot Locker, showcasing the powerful synergy between her artistic talent and her love for footwear.

Tiona Deniece is a Singer-Songwriter, Content Creator and Sneakerhead

Kari Daniels (aka Sneaker Phetish)

“Bucks In Six" - From Rallying Cry to Lifestyle Brand

5:15 pm │Main Stage, Grand Ballroom A

Learn more about the origins of the Milwaukee Bucks' new fashion line, "Bucks In Six," a collaboration with local, national, and international apparel brands producing new fashion-forward items for the organization.

Panelist Include:

Dustin Godsey, Chief Sales and Marketing Office for Milwaukee Bucks Inc.

Melanie Ricks, sideline reporter for Bally Sports Wisconsin and digital reporter for the Bucks' in-house content team (moderator)

Sofa Session #3: Featuring Beija Marie Velez and hosted by Tiona Denice

5:15 pm - 6:00 pm │Sneex Exhibition Stage, Grand Ballroom B

Twenty-seven-year-old Atlanta native Beija Velez is a jack of all trades. A model, designer, on-camera host, stylist, music curator, and basketball player, her achievements include designing a sold-out Wilson basketball for the WNBA's 25th anniversary and being featured in the Vogue documentary "Supreme Models" alongside influential figures like Anna Wintour, Iman, and Zendaya.

Velez gained prominence as a social media manager, growing Usher's following by 2+ million in 5 months at just 20 years old. As an on-camera personality for Complex Media, she interviewed pop culture icons like J. Balvin and Linkin Park. In 2023, Velez became a Critics Choice Awards nominee for her empowering sports show on Fuse TV, where she engages in-depth with women athletes on critical issues and healing practices. With a remarkable resumé, Beija has styled for Ciara and modeled for brands such as Savage x Fenty, Nike, Balmain, and more.

Beija Marie Velez, Model and Multifaceted Creative

Tiona Deniece is a Singer-Songwriter, Content Creator and Sneakerhead (host)

Keynote Conversation: (R)evolutions in design

6:30 pm - 7 pm │Main Stage, Grand Ballroom A

The day's events will conclude with a keynote conversation featuring L.A. Gear creative director Alexander-John, renowned for lending his design talents to brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Reebok and crafting custom hand-painted and engraved kicks for Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Usher.

Panelist Include:

Alexander-John, Designer and Creative Director, L.A. Gear

Ticara Devone, Host and Content Creator (moderator)

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