2017 Milwaukee Film Festival

Sept. 28 - Oct. 12

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Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story

Director: Phillip Baribeau

Film Summary

Documentary Festival Favorites | 1:26 | 2017 | USA | English/Spanish with English subtitles | View Website

It was a freak accident that defies explanation: Curious about a dead bear deep in the woods that happened to be resting atop a live electrical wire, Eduardo Garcia sent 2,400 volts coursing through his body, leaving him without an arm, multiple ribs, and a whole swath of muscle mass. Where others would be devastated by these events, Garcia—an adventurous spirit and well-regarded chef—saw recovery as an opportunity to reaffirm his zest for life in this inspiring doc from Phillip Baribeau (Unbranded, MFF2015).

Director Phillip Baribeau
Cast Eduardo Garcia, Manuel Garcia, Jennifer Jane
Executive Producer
Producer Dennis Aig, Phillip Baribeau
Screenwriter N/A
Cinematographer George Potter
Editor Tony Hale

Film Sponsor

Susan and Oyvind Solvang

Community Partners

City Lights Brewing Co., Milwaukee Riverkeeper, Wisconsin Bike Federation