2017 Milwaukee Film Festival 9/28 - 10/12

2017 Film Guide

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This film is part of Girl Asleep

Channeling an ancient Peruvian tradition, a suburban family airs out grievances on Christmas Day with a series of bare-knuckle brawls.

This film is part of Kids Shorts: Size Medium

What begins as a small boy’s boring day with his Grandpa turns into a larger-than-life journey, narrowly escaping wild monkeys and battling aliens to save the universe.

The Brothers Grimm meets Game of Thrones in this extraordinary adults-only fairy tale filled with witches, ogres, and sea serpents.

Two warring tribes agree to an arranged marriage, but star-crossed lovers Dain and Wawa have other plans in this, Romeo and Juliet set in the remote South Pacific.

This film is part of Black Lens Shorts Program

When two unlucky in love 20 somethings meet at a coffee shop and neither ask for the others number, they return home realizing that they met someone special and set out to find each other once again.

This film is part of Kids Shorts: Size Medium

In the middle of a luxuriant garden, a teeny-weeny fox meets a daring little girl who grows giant plants with magical beans. By lucky coincidence, they discover that the beans work on other things too.

There Are Jews Here

A touching story of America's disappearing Jewish communities and the hardworking people striving to keep them intact from director Brad Lichtenstein.

Two very different sisters must get over their mutual antipathy when both of their parents fall ill within a year in this Polish dramedy.

Slobby, low-level criminal Enzo finds himself blessed with superhuman abilities after a run-in with toxic waste, but it'll take more than superpowers to make him a decent man.

This film is part of Kids Shorts: Size Large

A short documentary about the prodigious talent and irrepressible spirit of a musically precocious 12-year-old blind boy who plays the piano.

This film is part of Kids Shorts: Size Small

A happy little tiger lives on a plate. If you leave him alone and he can't find anything to eat, he will travel the lunch table in search of meal.

This film is part of Kids Shorts: Size Large

When a girl's new goldfish keeps jumping out of its bowl, she tries everything to make him happy. After trying music, gourmet fish food, a Hawaiian hula girl, and more, she decides to enlist her friend and together they go on a quest to find the goldfish a new home.

A documentary about Milwaukee's own female war journalist Dickey Chapelle alongside a look at a historic debate between two literary legends.

This film is part of The Milwaukee Music Video Show

Spring arrives and leases expire in a colorful campus neighborhood, but two tenants remain. It's decision day for a young man (Trapper Schoepp) and his upstairs neighbor (Richard Riehle). They contemplate another year on the block and and find some common ground in this music video for Trapper Schoepp's summer anthem, 'Settlin' or Sleepin' Around.'

This film is part of The Milwaukee Show I

A day in the life of Bertha, whose sister is sick with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. A glimpse of everyday life through the eyes of an ordinary Cuban woman.

In the midst of 'Freedom Summer,' a group of musicians and record collectors seek out the reclusive Blues musicians Son House and Skip James.

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