2017 Milwaukee Film Festival 9/28 - 10/12

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Go behind the scenes with the New York Times' obituary team and their mad scramble to condense epic lives into a few paragraphs.

This film is part of Kids Shorts: Size Small

The octopus wants to bake a yummy cake but one of her arms has a plan of its own.

The lovable floofball Oddball discovers the ability to protect the dwindling fairy penguin population of a nearby sanctuary from the foxes hunting them to extinction.

Opening Night Party

This film is part of From Mass to the Mountain

Eco-activist Rod Coronado patrols Wisconsin's north woods for wolf and bear poachers. This short documentary chronicles Coronado's summer 2015 campaign to raise awareness about the practice of hound hunting and bear baiting on public lands, as well as recent changes in WI state law that make it illegal to take photos of hunters on public lands.

A data-obsessed computer programmer uses his wife's soothing voice for his computer program but begins to rely on it as they drift apart.

A shaggy band of SoCal hippies and beach bums became the primary supplier of LSD across the country in the 1960s.

A group of L.A.-based Chicanas ride their bicycles through the streets in an effort to reclaim their neighborhoods and heal themselves.

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