2017 Milwaukee Film Festival 9/28 - 10/12

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An Iranian divorcée finds herself embroiled in a Kafkaesque legal nightmare in this dramatic portrait of woman fenced in by a restrictive society.

An insightful look into the controversial drone program carried out by our government, interviewing victims and perpetrators alike to provide a comprehensive portrait.

Director Marijn Frank recognizes her constant cravings for meat but also realizes the ethical and environmental concerns that her consumption raises.

This film is part of The Milwaukee Show I

A young woman brings news of her sister's death to her catatonic mother.

An isolated patch of land near the Afghan-Pakistani border is the setting for this psychological thriller Variety referred to as 'the Twilight War Zone.'

Paper sample books discarded and dumpstered by long-gone businesses undergo a series of sequential experiments in pattern, rhythm, color, and text(ure). A call and response of flickering and lingering, this catalog of catalogs remembers a tactile economy.

This film is part of The Milwaukee Show II

Iris and Finn are two sisters with a special affinity for hot dogs and sexy cartoon animals. Devastated by Iris's recent diagnosis, the two are left to navigate their short time left together while looking to a childhood fantasy to brighten what future they have left. Their plans are cut short, however, when Iris suddenly take a turn for the worst, leaving Finn to recreate the light her sister has been so desperate to see.

With a goal no less daring than to express blindness in cinematic terms, this stunning documentary is a deep reservoir of beauty and insight.


A truly gonzo rags-to-riches tale of America's past, born of the restorative properties of goat testicles and a quack doctor.

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