2017 Milwaukee Film Festival 9/28 - 10/12

2017 Film Guide

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A coming-of-age film that tells a simple story with unobtrusive beauty, earning comparison to the works of Satyajit Ray.

A vivid inner-city saga set amidst skateboarding culture, focusing on a group of friends who discover a payload of purloined drugs that run them afoul of a local queen-pin.

The Last Laugh

Can the Holocaust be funny? Comedians and survivors alike debate at just what point tragedy is able to transmogrify into comedy.

The Legend of Swee' Pea

A documentary about a playground legend turned NBA player who was shot three times in the chest before he ever stepped on a professional court.

The ultimate photo-kinetic stroboscopic spectacle for spectacles.

This film is part of The Milwaukee Music Video Show

Lex Allen wakes up and gets ready for a fancy party only for it to take a nightmarish turn later on in the day.

Life, Animated

A young boy thought lost to a medical diagnosis slowly comes back to the world with the help of his beloved Disney films.

An interracial couple and their preteen son move across the country and struggle to adjust to their new suburban life in this winning dramedy.

Amélie with a body count, this is a whimsical tale about a lovelorn caretaker and her only friend - the ghost of a 1950s Japanese pop star.

This film is part of The Milwaukee Music Video Show

'SOS' is an experimental trap opera starring Lorde Fredd33 (pronounced 'Lord Freddy'). Inspired by Takashi Miike's 13 Assassins, 'SOS' is a story about forbidden love, honor and betrayal. The code of honor between two tribes is broken when an affair between two young lovers is exposed. Representatives from the tribes meet and a verdict is decided: the young man must pay for his shame with his life. His brothers lead him through the rites of passage, as the young lady rushes to find them and stop the inevitable. She arrives at the last moment, as the young man speaks his final words.

A lovely and alluring witch uses love spells to make men fall in love with her, but the body count keeps rising.

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