2017 Milwaukee Film Festival 9/28 - 10/12

2017 Film Guide

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A breathtaking work of pure poetry both confounding and sublime, surrounding a rural doctor's journey of absolution that leads to an ephemeral town where past and present collide.


The cat population of Istanbul is unique: not strays and not housebound, the hundreds of thousands of cats here wander freely and interact with all those around them.

Keepers of the Game

The all-Native girls squad of Salmon River High look to make history, fighting against misogyny and their own town's antipathy to become champions.

A mix of fun and witty films for the older kids in your life, all in the service of opening our eyes to lives unlike our own.

Stories of independent and adventurous characters across a wide array of disciplines (live action, animated, documentary, fiction) fill out this program.

A series of animated adventures perfect for those kids who are just starting out on their personal cinematic journeys.

Kings of Nowhere (Los reyes del pueblo que no existe)

Dam construction has turned the Northern Mexican hamlet of San Marcos into a ghost town, but a few families yet remain.

Casper and Frank undertake another raunchy journey to the boundaries of good taste, this time washing ashore in L.A. for their bawdy escapades.

This film is part of Kids Shorts: Size Small

Konigiri-kun the rice ball joins in on a big race with his best friend Kerokke and his pet broccoli.

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