2017 Milwaukee Film Festival

Sept. 28 - Oct. 12

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American Fable

Director: Anne Hamilton

Film Summary

American Independents | 1:37 | 2017 | USA | | View Website

With her family's Wisconsin-based farm in danger of foreclosure, 11-year-old Gitty finds herself immersed in a world both dark and fantastical. Surrounded by anxious, indecipherable adult conversations while having frequent visions of a horned being stalking the perimeter of her family's land, Gitty discovers a man imprisoned in an abandoned silo on the outskirts, a man whose plea for help forces her to choose between family and morality. A feature debut told with uncommon verve and lush beauty, American Fable is an exercise in sustained visual wonder, a Midwestern answer to Pan's Labyrinth.

Director Anne Hamilton
Cast Peyton Kennedy, Gavin Macintosh, Marci Miller, Kip Pardue, Zuleikha Robinson, Richard Schiff, Rusty Schwimmer
Executive Producer Kevin Harrington
Producer Anne Hamilton, Kishori Rajan
Screenwriter Anne Hamilton
Cinematographer Wyatt Garfield
Editor Amanda C. Griffin

Community Partners

Plume Boutique, Lauren Landa Silversmith