2017 Milwaukee Film Festival

Sept. 28 - Oct. 12


A Gray State

Director: Erik Nelson

Film Summary

Documentary Festival Favorites | 1:33 | 2017 | USA | | View Website

A veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, David Crowley was an aspiring filmmaker whose intended dystopian epic Gray State captured the imagination of libertarians and the nascent alt-right movement, with a trailer that racked up millions of views on YouTube. When David, his wife and their young child were tragically found shot dead in their Minnesota home, conspiracy theorists immediately assumed foul play. With access to hundreds of hours of personal footage and diary entries, A Gray State is an enthralling true-crime documentary that learns a truth more sobering than fiction

Director Erik Nelson
Cast Mason Hendricks, Danny August Mason, Chris Peck
Executive Producer
Producer Amy Briamonte, Erik Nelson
Cinematographer David Crowley, Thomas Kaufman
Editor Lara Andre