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posted by Susan on January 14th, 2013

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Last fall, a lot of people were asking me, “What are you up to now that the Milwaukee Film Festival is over? Are you catching up on your sleep?” And I was like, “Are you kidding? There are students hungry to know more about film and filmmaking! The quest for knowledge never sleeps!”


One of the education projects we embarked on was creating anti-bullying public service announcements with students at Westside Academy II, through a partnership with Arts@Large. This program began at the Milwaukee Children’s Film Festival education screening of the documentary Bully, where an audience of 1,000 Milwaukee Public School students saw the film. Those students were paired with local artists and arts groups (like us!) to create pieces that encourage people young and old to take a stand against bullying.


The students' work will be on view Friday, January 18 from 5pm to 8pm at Arts@Large’s aptly named Gallery@Large for this season’s Gallery Night. The exhibit, entitled IMAGINE: Creating Cultures of Respect and Support in School, will be up through March 29, though you all are invited to celebrate the students' work on the 18th with them — and to celebrate a culture of acceptance.


Under the guidance of local flmmakers Lilly Czarnecki Coyle, Nathaniel Schardin, Vincenzo Balistreri, and me, the students wrote four different PSAs, then planned, cast, shot, and edited them — all within a matter of about 16 hours total. It was a huge accomplishment — and as much fun for us as it was for them. I am excited to hang out with the students again on gallery night.


The Gallery@Large is located at 908 S. 5th St. in Milwaukee’s best neighborhood — Walker’s Point. (It’s also my neighborhood!) We will also put the PSAs on our Vimeo channel (where you already can see some of our other youth-produced work) within the coming weeks.