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Filmmaking is an inherently collaborative and constantly evolving artistic medium. To be a filmmaker it is important to develop new partnerships, share work with others, discuss issues that matter to you with your peers and seek mentors to help you take the next step. Our Events for filmmakers help you do all of those things—join us!


2016 Filmmaker Services Events are sponsored by the Avalon Theater.

Race & Gender in the Industry: A Conversation
Thursday, April 28 • 6pm • Von Trier • FREE (RSVP here)
It’s no secret that Hollywood has an inclusion problem. Women and people of color are underrepresented in the industry, both in front of and behind the camera, and their experiences are often misrepresented on screen. And while independent film fares slightly better, it’s not hard to admit our industry has a long way to go to approximate anything resembling “equity.” The purpose of this event is to bring filmmakers who don’t already work and mingle together to acknowledge and discuss these issues in a safe and inviting environment. The more we talk about it as an industry and community, the more it becomes a priority on both an individual and collective level.

Lighting Workshop with Robb Fischer
Saturday, March 26 • 1pm • RDI Stages • FREE
Local director Robb Fischer has spent the last three decades analyzing how to go about lighting (or not lighting) a scene for everyone from the Rolling Stones to Hollywood stars like Hugh Jackman. In this highly sought-after workshop, Robb will use some of the latest lighting gear from The Electric Sun Corporation and a 6K Red Weapon camera to teach the three key elements he considers when devising a lighting plan to meet the storytelling needs of a scene. (Spoiler alert: they're not three things you learn in film school).

Feedback Screening: Operation Wolf Patrol
Tuesday, February 23 • 5pm • Avalon Theater • FREE
Operation Wolf Patrol is a character-driven documentary that tells the story of eco-activist Rod Coronado as he emerges from prison and recommits himself to the protection of wild animals. Attendees will have the opportunity to see clips from the film and provide written and/or verbal feedback. (A panel will provide formal feedback.)

Filmmaker Mixer
Thursday, February 4 • 6pm • Ward4 MKE • FREE

Reconnect with fellow filmmakers you haven't seen since the festival, have a few drinks on us, and get a team together for filmmaker trivia with local filmmakers and trivia experts, Erica Thompson and Kristin Peterson.