Summer Film Shoot

Each year, aspiring Milwaukee screenwriters attend workshops to learn how to write short scripts suitable for the big screen. One script is chosen from these workshops to be made into a film with the support of a cast and crew comprised of students, emerging professionals, and the best filmmakers in town. The film premieres during Milwaukee Film Festival’s The Milwaukee Show (Sept. 26 – Oct 10, 2013).

Collaborative Cinema Crew Call 


The Collaborative Cinema Crew Call for Summer 2013 is now closed. We will be contacting people within two weeks of the application closing date of May 21. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us at


Call for Emerging Directors

The Call for Emerging Directors is now closed. Thank you for your interest. If you applied, you will be contacted by the end of April. If you are interested in working on the crew for the Summer Film Shoot, check back here later this Spring.



Are you a film student or recent college graduate interested in directing this year’s Collaborative Cinema film?

Well, we want you to direct it!

To serve as a stepping stone from one level of filmmaking to another, we have an open call for emerging directors living in the Milwaukee area to helm the shoot!

Am I eligible?
Eligible applicants include film students or recent film graduates living in the greater Milwaukee area who have made films before and are looking to use the Collaborative Cinema education program as a career-launching experience. If you are a college graduate, you must have graduated within the last year (Spring or Fall 2012). You need not have attended college in Milwaukee.

What do I need to submit?
1. The Online Application
Tell us all about your background and why you’d be a good fit for our program.

2. Work Samples
To support your online application, please submit two work samples created within the past five years. The total running time for these two samples should not exceed five minutes. (That’s five minutes total­ – not two five-minute samples.)

If you have links to your samples, we prefer you to include them in your online application. If you need to send them later, email them to

If you are mailing a DVD, send it to:

Milwaukee Film
Attn: Collaborative Cinema
229 E Wisconsin Ave #200
Milwaukee, WI 53202

When is the deadline?
Applications and work samples must be received by March 24, 2013.

What happens next?
Writers in our Teen Screenwriting Program are hard at work revising their scripts. After our team of screenwriting mentors choose the top five scripts, a different panel of producers will pick the top five emerging director applicants. During the last week of April, the five directors will be invited to pitch a film based on their favorite of these scripts. In these pitch sessions, the directors will convince our small panel that their film is the one that should be picked. Directors may use visuals, casting ideas, other films and references, and whatever else they feel will sell us on their vision of the film. One project is chosen from these pitch sessions.

What I am really signing up for?
As a Collaborative Cinema Director, you will work with a team of professional filmmakers hired by Milwaukee Film to work with you through pre-production, production, post-production, and the film premiere. Pre-production starts in May, the production (shot on the RED EPIC ®) occurs in late June, post-production (with Independent) spans from July through September, and the film premieres at the Milwaukee Film Festival (Sept. 26 – Oct 10, 2013). You are committing to months of hard work, but you will emerge with a professional-quality short film and a professional network of Milwaukee filmmakers.

If I’m the director, do I get to pick the cast and crew?
You will work with producers hired by Milwaukee Film to crew up and cast the film. The crew is comprised of professional and student filmmakers. We hold auditions for the cast, and the director, producers, and writer discuss these choices together.

Can I see what kinds of films you have produced in past years?
Of course! Examples of previous award-winning Collaborative Cinema films can be found over here. Enjoy.

Questions? Contact Education Director Susan Kerns: