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Thought-provoking, timely, creative, and inspiring, this year’s line-up of films for our Education Screenings has never been stronger. If you haven’t signed up for the 2014 Education Screenings yet, do so soon because seats are filling up fast!

Education Screenings take place at the Landmark Oriental Theatre on Milwaukee’s East Side. Tickets are only $1 per student! Participating teachers receive curriculum packets for the films that indicate the Common Core State Standards the screenings and activities meet.

Sign up now to reserve space for your students at the 2014 Education Screenings!

1-3 grade screenings: Wednesday 10/1 (wait-list only) and Thursday 10/9 (wait-list only)
4-6 grade screenings: Tuesday 9/30 (wait-list only) and Wednesday 10/8
6-8 grade screenings:
Thursday 10/2 (wait-list only) and Monday 10/6 (wait-list only)
9-12 grade screenings:
Friday 10/3 (wait-list only) and Tuesday 10/7

(All Education Screenings will start promptly at 10:00 am.)

Milwaukee Film Education Screenings are Presented by the Brewers Community Foundation
With additional support from:
Herzfeld Foundation
Greater Milwaukee Foundation -- William and Alicia Schoeneich Arts and Culture Fund & Gertrude Ann Meixner Fund
Gene and Ruth Posner Foundation


2014 Education Screenings Films

1st - 3rd Grade Films
Shorts Program: Creativity & Imagination
All films are in English or do not have dialogue.

We have compiled a whimsical, lively, and diverse group of animated short films that feature boys, girls, and animals using creativity to solve problems, celebrating individuality and imagination. One of the films, The Numberlys, comes from the same animation studio as Oscar winning animated short The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.

4th-6th Grade Film
For AninA trailer, click here!
Film is in Spanish with English subtitles.

 Anina Yatay Salas, so named by her palindrome-loving father, goes on an imaginative journey of self-discovery in this animated film that served as Uruguay's official Oscar submission. A playground skirmish leads to a visit to the principal's office and "the weirdest punishment in the history of weird punishments," a black envelope that Anina is tasked with not opening the entire week she is suspended from school. The week away allows her imagination to run wild, and filmmaker Alfredo Soderguit runs equally wild with beautiful hand-drawn animation capturing his protagonist's unique perspective.

6th-8th Grade Film
The Starfish Throwers
To view the trailer for The Starfish Throwers, click here!

A powerful rejoinder to those who believe one person alone can't bring about change, The Starfish Throwers chronicles the heartwarming individual stories of three people from wildly different backgrounds—a top chef in India, a middle school girl, and a retired schoolteacher—who decide to combat world hunger despite seemingly insurmountable odds. Be it the donated bounties of backyard gardens, a night's sleep lost to deliver sandwiches and goods to those stuck in the Minneapolis cold, or the daily preparation and delivery of meals to the homeless, each of these inspirational stories proves that one person can positively impact the world.

9th-12th Grade Film
Point and Shoot
To view the trailer for Point and Shoot, click here!

Matthew VanDyke's incredible personal odyssey from restless Baltimore native to Libyan rebel taking up arms against dictator Muammar Gaddafi is chronicled in the newest film from Oscar-nominated director Marshall Curry (Racing Dreams, MFF 2009). From his status as a young man diagnosed with OCD fresh out of graduate school, to his momentous international travel (a self-described "crash course in manhood") that led him on a motorcycle trip across Northern Africa and the Middle East, to his eventual placement smack in the middle of the Arab Spring and Libyan revolution, VanDyke's camera was always on—up until his capture and terrifying half-year spent in solitary confinement. This is a remarkable, sweeping story Curry tells in full.

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below
Contact our Education Department: or (414) 755-1965 x231

Frequently Asked Questions:

General Questions

Screening Dates & Times
All screenings will begin at 10:00am.

Grades 1-3: Wednesday, October 1 and Thursday, October 9
Grades 4-6: Tuesday, September 30 and Wednesday, October 8
Grades 6-8: Thursday, October 2 and Wednesday, October 8
Grades 9-12: Friday, October 3 and Tuesday, October 7

Wait, is the start time different this year?
In order to better accommodate bus arrivals, we moved the screening start time 30 minutes later this year. On the advice of our bus service, we believe this will assure that bus drivers have time to run their regular morning routes, get to your schools, and get students to the screenings on time or early. We think this will improve the logistics of arrival greatly!

Theater Location
All screenings will take place at Landmark’s Oriental Theatre on Milwaukee’s East Side. For questions about the theatre itself, you may contact them at (414) 276-8711 or visit their website at

Oriental Theatre
2230 N Farwell Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53202

This Year’s Films
Please see our website for brief descriptions of the films we have selected for this year’s Education Screenings.

We can’t come this year! Is there any way to make sure we are notified next year’s reservations begin?
Absolutely! To assure that you are on our e-mail list that will be notified about next year’s screenings the moment they open, please contact Kayla Parker, Education Screenings Assistant via e-mail ( to confirm your contact information.

Who To Contact
Cara Ogburn, Milwaukee Film Education Director OR (414) 755-1965 x203

Kayla Parker, Education Screenings Assistant OR (414) 755-1965 x231

Payment and Costs

Screening Prices
Tickets are $1 per student. (And chaperones are free!)

Payment Process
The main contact for each group will be sent a PDF invoice via e-mail the week of August15. This will represent current student numbers and will confirm screening date. If the number of students is listed incorrectly on the invoice or has changed, please contact us and we will draft a correct invoice. You may update numbers up until September 20. We will issue a second emailed invoice the week of September 22 representing the number we currently have on record for your group. That is the final number of seats that we will reserve for you and is the number of student tickets for which you will be responsible to pay. The amount of students paid for are the amount of seats we will reserve (plus chaperone seats at the rate of 1 adult per 10-15 students).

When is payment due?
Payment must be received at the Milwaukee Film office by the due date indicated on this invoice. No payment will be accepted at the film screening. If you are unable to pay in advance of the screening you will need to contact us so we do not cancel your reservation.

Where can I send the payments?
Please make checks payable to: MILWAUKEE FILM and mail them to: 229 E Wisconsin Ave Suite 200, Milwaukee, WI 53202

What if I need more tickets after the invoice is paid?
Requests for additional tickets must be made at least 48 hours in advance. We may not be able to fulfill requests for additional tickets, but we will try our best. If we are able to accommodate you, we will send you an invoice for the additional tickets.

What is the cancellation policy?
Any cancellations must be made at least 7 days prior to your scheduled screening. Any amount invoiced after that point will be the amount that must be paid. This amount will correspond to the seats reserved. NO EXCEPTIONS.

What happens if the school district closes due to weather on the day of our screening?
If your district is closed the day of your film screening due to inclement weather or extreme circumstances, we cannot reschedule the film screening but we will refund the school fee. Schools are responsible for canceling bus service if not attending the screening.

Is there a refund policy?
All deposits are non-refundable. We do not offer refunds for absent students. Schools are responsible for canceling bus service if not attending the screening. If bus service is not canceled and is paid for by Milwaukee Film, Milwaukee Film reserves the right to bill the school for the amount paid.

 Buses and Transportation

Where will the buses drop the students off?
Because the Landmark Oriental Theatre is on the left-hand side of a one-way street, bus drop-off can be tricky. Student safety is our top priority. We have two zones for buses to pull up: in front of the theatre on the east side of Farwell Ave and to the north of the theatre on Ivanhoe Place. Please have students remain on the bus until a festival volunteer or staff member indicates it is safe to disembark. A volunteer or staff member will board the bus and give a teacher or chaperone a sheet of paper indicating which bus number the group has arrived on. They will place an identical sheet on the bus so we can assure that everyone arrives and returns on the same bus.

What time should buses arrive?
Buses may arrive between 9:00 and 9:45am. Screenings will start promptly at 10:00am. Please plan to be there early to assure your students do not miss any portion of the film.

Who pays for the MPS bus services?
Thanks to a generous grant, Milwaukee Film is able to pay for buses for all Milwaukee Public Schools attending the screenings. All other schools should book their own transportation to and from the theater.

Who makes the bus reservations for MPS schools?
A representative for each MPS school group will make the bus reservation. If multiple groups are attending from a single school on the same date, we ask that you coordinate to maximize space on buses and reduce costs. Please arrange your bus service directly with Lamers Bus Lines. Call Mary at 414-282-3566 ext.10426 or Bobbi at ext. 10432 and tell them that you are part of the Milwaukee Film Education Screenings. They will bill Milwaukee Film directly. If Lamers is not able to accommodate your group, please alert us immediately so we can arrange for an alternate bus service.

Who handles cancellations?
It is the school’s responsibility to cancel bus service if necessary. Schools that cannot make the event and have booked bus service through Lamers will be responsible for the cost of buses not cancelled.

Can the buses take our group to other locations?
Milwaukee Film can only pay for one pick up and one drop off trip for the buses. If you would like to add additional stops to your trip, you must pay the balance of the invoice from Lamers.

Day of the Screening

When should we arrive at the screening?
We ask for the schools to arrive between 9:00am and 9:45am to allow enough time for the students to disembark buses and be seated. The film will start promptly at 10:00am.

Will there be assigned seating?
We will provide assigned sections for each group of students. Seat locations cannot be guaranteed, and schools or individual classes may need to be split up between different sections of the theater to best maximize available seating. Balcony seats will be used in addition to main floor. Chaperones may not be guaranteed seating. Each section will be labeled and volunteers will direct the groups to their section. Note that groups might be split up due to the shape of the theater and any special needs the group might need (for example wheel chair seats).

Will there be concessions for purchase?
No. In order to maximize the educational experience, we will not have the concessions stand open during Education Screenings.

Can we bring food/lunches into the screening?
Yes, but please be considerate to the other audience members. We ask you to not bring any particularly noisy or smelly food and to try to keep your areas clean.

How many chaperones may accompany the students?
We will plan for 1 adult for every 10-15 students. More are welcome to attend, but will not be guaranteed seating with the group.

Will there be volunteers to help with seating, etc?
Yes! We have a wonderful group of dedicated volunteers who are specifically trained for Education Screenings. They will be there to direct groups and answer questions. You can recognize them by their Milwaukee Film Festival Volunteer t-shirts.

Do chaperones have to buy a ticket for themselves?
No. chaperones are given complimentary admission, but (if they exceed the numbers above) may not be guaranteed seating with the group.

Will there be a discussion after the screening?
While the length of the discussion varies depending on time, there is a brief discussion after the screening. This will be facilitated by our Education Director, Cara Ogburn. Students will be given the chance to ask questions or make comments using microphones provided for the screening. During the discussion, as buses arrive, volunteers will come to dismiss groups. In order to assure efficient loading of buses, we will manage the flow of students through the lobby carefully. Please do not dismiss yourselves, as that could lead to students ending up on the wrong buses or an unsafe situation on the sidewalks out front.

How long will each screening be?
Film running times will vary. All films will begin at 10am. We ask buses to return between 11:30am and noon based on the film’s running time. We will begin dismissing groups to buses during the discussion (after 10-15 minutes of full-audience discussion). All buses will depart by 12:30pm at the latest.


Will curriculum be provided?
Yes! Each film has its own packet filled with a variety of activities that pertain to the film and extend one or more of Wisconsin’s Common Core State Standards.

Who created the curriculum packets?
Curriculum packets are developed by experienced educators with the help of Milwaukee Film’s Education Department staff.

What are in the curriculum packets?
Curriculum packets contain a number of activities designed to extend your students engagement with the film. For each activity, we indicate which Wisconsin Common Core State Standards is engaged. Some activities can be done in advance of attending the screening, others are designed to be responses to the films as screened. We encourage teachers to adapt these materials to fit their own curricular needs. We aim to offer a number of “out of the box” options, though, activities that can be used in the form we provide them (perhaps for a substitute teacher to administrate).

When will we be given the curriculum packet?
We send electronic versions of the curriculum (in both PDF and editable Word formats) to all reservation contacts starting in early September. At the screening itself, teachers will be offered a hard copy of the curriculum packet as well.

Do you want the packets back after the students complete the work?
We do ask that teachers complete at least one activity integrating the film into their classroom work and send evidence of that work to the Milwaukee Film Festival office. It can be send via mail or electronically. If there is no physical evidence, anecdotal accounts of how you made use of this film can be sent instead. Collection of this evidence is a condition of some of the grants that fund this program, so it is important that we receive this work so that we can show our funders the great work coming out of these screenings and continue to offer screenings to you at such a low cost! Not to mention, it is super rewarding for us to see all the wonderful work your students do!

Contact our Education Department: or (414) 755-1965 x203